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Phantoms on the labor market

Having trouble finding a job? Blame the phantoms. If you ever spent some time looking for a job online, you have most likely stumbled upon a listing for a position that has already been filled, and most people would agree that it is very annoying. In their recent paper, Bruno Decreuse and Arnaud Chéron call… Read More »

Why do some people oppose international trade deals?

Towards a more informed view on what’s hidden under the veil of aggregated data The current level of economic well-being is largely to be thanked to increased specialization in the economy, which was enabled by international trade and integration of regional and national markets. Although international trade is not a zero-sum game, even the most… Read More »

Should tall people pay more taxes?

Do you think that’s absurd? Keep reading. Tax systems of most developed countries are astonishingly complex. Depending on your country, factors such as your income, consumption, wealth, number of children, charitable contributions, mortgage payments, health insurance expenditures, or whether you donate blood may all influence your tax liability, i.e. the total amount of tax due each… Read More »